What it takes to make it to HEC Paris

HEC Paris is a world leading Business School, recognised for the quality of its programs, the excellence of its faculty, and its close relationship with the corporate world.

Let’s find out how to prepare yourself to the best:
  • A little work experience is a very essential to get into HEC, be it internships or a full-time job. If you have worked in big companies the brand name definitely helps, if not then also fear not as it all depends on how you explain the job you did and how interesting you can make it. Exhibiting International Experience in the form of studies or internships or even in the form of travel adds a lot.
  • A high GMAT score is absolutely essential.  HEC has a median score of 710. So to have a strong chance, aim for a score at least 700+.
  • Your academic background matters! HEC Schools want an ideal mix of engineers, economic, arts etc. If you have a different background it adds diversity to the school mix and scores them good points on the international ranking scene.
  • Academics play a decent role, a high CGPA shows that you are a consistent performer. Colleges know how hard it is to score top grades in certain UG colleges of the world. They accordingly scale the marks and evaluate you.
  • Extracurricular, this is something that really helps to gain an admission into HEC, and is something schools are very favourable about. helps

Now, most importantly

Everything should be clearly explained to the school admission committee in your Resume and your Essays. Maximum people think that having a good GMAT score is enough, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It is only one of the first screening techniques used by the schools.
An excellent, creative and well-written essay which showcases your multitude of talents is absolutely necessary.
A Letter of Recommendation is very important as it acts as a 3rd person certification of your exploits and gives the admission panel a view of your character from the eyes of somebody else. A well written LOR clearly explaining your strengths and describing experiences is absolutely essential.

Hope this helps you in preparing yourself in a very refined manner to get into the HEC. All the very best!