Why you should take GMAT over CAT ?

DILEMMA! CAT or GMAT? Anyone who dreams to pursue an MBA comes across this question. The Common Admission Test (CAT) conducted by the IIMs is the most opted by Indians. More weight lies on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) side when it comes to the part of the population who have the aim to pursue his/her masters from abroad. So, let’s look into some reasons why GMAT would be a better option for you:

1.The Acceptability

GMAT score is accepted by many B-Schools in India, ISB (Hyderabad), S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (Mumbai), School of Management, NMIMS (Mumbai), IIMs and much more. So, you get the opportunity to apply to the top colleges in India. More the colleges, more are the chances of acceptance.

2. The Validity

Your CAT score is valid only up to 1 year. Whereas the GMAT score is valid up to 5 years. Many take the GMAT more than once. It’s advisable to take the test once or twice rather than taking it, again and again, to score better. Since this score is valid for 5 years, it will be advisable to gain your work experience.

3. The Takers

The number of CAT aspirants is much more than GMAT. The number being around 200,000; it keeps increasing by almost by 50% every year. Whereas, GMAT has about 30,000 takers every year. This means fewer people, less competition, and more options.

4. The Frequency

GMAT dates can be chosen as per convenience and can be taken 5 times in a year. Takers have the liberty to change their exam date 7 days prior the allotted GMAT exam date (with additional fees). The GMAC takes 3 weeks to report the scores to the schools you have opted; so you need to keep that in mind.

5. The Test

The CAT test includes higher mathematical concepts; integration and differentiation while GMAT is more focused on data sufficiency part. The quantitative section is relatively based on the basic concepts; GMAT skips the higher mathematical concepts. So, the one’s who want to avoid the complicated mathematics concept that results in the spoiling the score, GMAT is the best option.

With more acceptability, less number of applicants, more validity, and frequency, GMAT becomes a better option. For working professionals GMAT is a better option, and if you want to pursue your masters just after your graduation, then CAT is the best option. But, undoubtedly you get more options if you opt for GMAT. Share your views on what you think is a better option; CAT or GMAT?