Smartphones and TOEFL? How?


STUDY TOEFL- The act of texting on the smart phone, watching TV and eating with an open textbook. But that doesn’t help you score marks for TOEFL and land on to your dream college, Right?

“Keep your smartphones locked in your cupboard during examinations!” That’s what we’ve been hearing all the way.  We know how smartphones addict the youth generation is.

We’ll guide you with few effective strategies using smartphone catering you to learn English for TOEFL. Sounds interesting! Isn’t? Come. Let’s see how!  There are some easy-to-use apps that can help you improve your English, available to both android and IPhone users. You can utilise your free time practising for TOEFL on these apps. They are as followed:

ELEVATE- Your personal brain trainer

It is an app designed to build communication and analytical skills. It makes your learning fun with quizzes and games.  The skills required before appearing for your TOEFL exams (reading, writing, speaking and listening) can be built by participating in regular challenges.

SOUNDS- The pronunciation app

It is an app designed to improve your pronunciation skills. American accents were never tongue-friendly for international students. This tool helps you learn pronunciation of tough words both British and American, making your speaking skill for TOEFL effective and efficient.

Have doubt? Google it

Yes! Google can be an all-rounder for all your queries. While preparing for your TOEFL, use Google speech recognition and Google Translate, to help you practice your pronunciation. The speech recognition will recognise your word or statement only when the pronunciation is correct, keep practising whereas in Google recognition you use the microphone facility and check if correct translation appears. If it doesn’t keep trying. Try and try until you succeed! Thesaurus

We already know what this app is all about. Its name says it all. helps you with definition of tough words you come across whereas thesaurus helps with synonyms. These apps strengthen your vocabulary and increase your grasp over writing.

Wattpad-Read from anywhere on your phone

Reading helps anyway. It is the app where you get all the stories made easy to read, on your smartphone both online and offline. Reading practice for TOEFL can be done on Wattpad.

Get smart with your smartphone. Start practicing the smarter way. These apps will help you clear TOEFL smartly!!