Wondering why anybody would want to study in Australia? Get your answers and your facts straightened here.

Did you know that Australia is ranked as the third most popular destination for international students despite having a population of only 23 million? Were you aware that 8 out of the world’s 100 best universities are in Australia? Have you known that 5 out of 30 best student cities in the world are in Australia? Did you know that the Australian government invests more than $200,000,000 on international scholarships annually? Well, now you know. And by now, you must have gotten pretty excited to know more about the perks of studying in Australia. So here we present a list of some major reasons of why Australia is one of the most student-friendly countries:

1. More types of courses served than delicious food on a platter in Australia

Institutes and Universities in Australia offer a wide variety of degrees and programs. Hence, a student always finds the program of study he/she wants to pursue. Students also get to choose between a large number of universities and colleges which would best cater their interest. It is also easy to move from one institution to another. The Australian government evaluates the universities to make sure that they maintain their standards. Apart from traditional and professional degrees, universities also provide some unique majors. 86% percent of international students responded that they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their experiences in Australia. Employers all over the world recognize Australian degrees. Hence, a degree from Australia is very beneficial for your career.

2. Living the Australian Lifestyle

People in Australia are very kind and friendly in nature. They have an immense passion for food, sport, and entertainment. Thus, you get to meet new people, make new friends, and experience the rich and lively culture. The world knows that the Australian people are very relaxed. In fact, this is one of Australia’s strengths. Students can enjoy the advantages of studying in a laid back environment. Students also have the facility to acquire part-time jobs and full-time jobs during the holidays. Australia has a lot to offer too. From vibrant cities like Sydney and Melbourne to quite and beautiful cities like Darwin and Queensland, Australia will never stop impressing you. Hence, students usually have a lot to do during the holidays. Apart from homework and study, students get to go out and explore “The Land Down Under”. Australia’s warm climate is responsible for the active outdoor lifestyle that the people have. And, much like Indians, Australians popularly follow cricket. This is something that the Indian students will be able to relate to. Not to mention the serene parks and famous food festivals taking place all year round.

3. A penny saved is a penny earned

Studying in Australia is fairly cheaper than studying in the United States or the United Kingdom. An undergraduate program can cost you from $AUD15,000 to $AUD33,000 per year. Postgraduate tuition expenses may range from $AUD20,000 to $AUD37,000 per year. And if you plan to take up an English Language course, then they cost only $AUD300 per week. The estimated living expenses are $AUD12,000 to $AUD18,000 per year. In spite of having lower costs of education and livelihood, the standard of living in Australia is quite high as compared to other competitive nations. Australia also offers a lot more scholarships than America and the United Kingdom. World class education and living at comparatively cheaper rates? Now, who wouldn’t want that!

4. One of the leading nations in technology

Most of the world depends on Australian discoveries. This is due to the fact that Australia conducts some of the best scientific research. This is one of the most appealing aspects of the country for international students. Students get to dive into research work with the best of technologies made available to them. And while researching, students are able to widen their span of knowledge and education. Australia also adapts new technology at a very fast rate. Universities there provide students with all the opportunities and resources that are essential. Ergo, students have the opportunity to stay updated with technological change in the market. The universities also enable students to participate in world-class research and developmental activities. Being a forward-thinking country itself, Australia makes its students forward-thinking as well and prepares them for world-class jobs and responsibilities.

 5. The laborer is worthy of his hire

Australian degrees are highly valuable. Since the country has some of the best universities in the world and is leading in terms of technology, a degree from Australia makes you highly valuable to employees. Employers would prefer you to your competitors. While the UK closes doors on doctors and the US focuses more on IT professionals, Australia offers diverse job opportunities in multiple disciplines. And since the country experiences really fast economic growth, graduates hoping to work there would come across multiple chances which would enhance their career. Even if an international student decides to go back home and work, he would be held in high regard by the employers. Australian degree enhances your resume and provides you with extraordinary opportunities. Both in the country and outside.

An excellent education system, cheaper costs, favorable opportunities, living the Australian dream. The benefits and perks speak for itself. We welcome you to post your comments and queries and share your stories with all of us in the comments section blow.