SAT Mathematics. Decoded

Amidst a number of subjects to read, write and study, exists a subject interesting yet full of problems, MATH. The only subject that counts!


The new SAT math will include more “real world” questions like interpreting data in a chart, graph, table or scatter plot. And questions like turning a paragraph of information into an equation or an expression. From framing a real world situation of household finances to grocery calculations and also the computation of mobile bills. It sums up all!
These word problems will include ordinary English instead of symbolic mathematics where you’ll have to devise the equations by selecting the variables and operations appropriate in that situation. Such problems that mingle “math and English” to form an MCQ question are called Word problems.
It’s never enough to understand “6x=30, then x=5”, when it comes to word problems. You need to understand that if 30 members divide themselves into 6 equal groups, then there are 5 members in each group. Problems like this test your dual abilities, reading and math skills.

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Scoring Sections!

Sat math has three sections of 70-minute.
25-minute section: This has 20 multiple choice questions.
25-minute section: This has 8 multiple choice questions and 10 grid-in-questions.
20-minute section: This has 16 multiple choice questions.


Our goal in this article is to cater a brief introduction with some forms of word problems taken on the SAT Math and how do you deal with it.

Kinds of Word Problems!

Word problems that are the simplest but not the easiest are basically a mixture of math equations and English.

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The beginning balance in a bank account is A dollar. Each month $12 is withdrawn from the account. If no additional money is added to the account and the ending balance is $650 after 12 months, what is the value of A?

a) 150

b) 350

c) 794

d) 450

How to solve this word problem in four() simple steps:

Step 1: Understand the Question

The foremost step, as well as the confusing one, is to understand the question. Read it carefully and try to understand what the problem is asking.

In the given problem we’ll be finding the value of A, the original bank balance.

Step 2: Translate the given Information into an Equation

Once you understand the question, use the keys of information to create an equation that will help you solve for the answer.

We know that after 12 months, the account had $650. We also know that the owner of the account withdrew $12 each month.

So A is $12 multiplied by 12 months, plus the $650 remaining after 12 months.

So A = 650 + 12(12).

Therefore, A – 12(12) = 650

Step 3: Solve

Now that you have the equation, solve it as you would have solved an ordinary math problem.

A – 12(12) = 650.

A– 144 = 650

A = 650 + 144

A = 794

Step 4: Circle the Answer

After solving the equation, go back to the original question to be doubly sure about the answer. Post calculation we found the beginning balance in the bank account was $794. After withdrawing $12 each month for 12 months, the ending balance was $650.

Word Problems might seem intimidating but if done with the right trick to sort them down in parts, it becomes easier. Following the above steps will be helpful.


Word problems are challenging for a number of reasons, and each problem demands a slightly different approach in SAT math. It can come in the form of charts and graphs(as shown in the pictures above). It depends on your self-ability of translating English into Math.