Make yourself a summer study plan to maximize SAT preparation

SAT dates might seem far away in these early New Year days, but the weeks and months speed by quickly. For students planning to take the October SAT, summer offers an opportunity for a slow and steady approach to preparing yourself to the best.

Let’s see how a summer SAT study guide provides you with a plan to make the most of the summer months.

Organise a study plan

A roughly 12-week summer study plan allows students to retain a lot of material. Because of that extra time, a plan should be tailored according to your strengths and challenges with SAT topics. The best way to assess the focus of a study plan is to first take a practice exam.

Before June, you should take a timed practice exam in a test environment. You should score the exam using three colours to identify the areas where they experienced low, middle and high levels of difficulty.

The next step is to note and mark these three tasks on a calendar, and carry them out for the first five weeks of  your study:

  • Three days per week- You are supposed to take partial, timed exams focusing on your most challenging sections.
  • Two days per week- You should practice untimed questions in your mid-level areas.
  • Practice your strong areas for 30-60 minutes a day in fun ways.

SAT study on summer adventures

SAT preparation can be absolutely portable and can be fun as well. Gather up some crossword and Sudoku puzzles, a beach or hiking blanket and enjoy the summer weather while you study.

Puzzles require creative critical thinking, which helps a student’s mind nimble while also stepping outside the SAT format.

Social studying plans increase morale, so invite others to join your study plan. Playing scrabble boosts on-demand vocabulary skills. Make your friends challenge you with math or grammar flashcards. As the number of test-takers is increasing every year, you need to stick to the plan and follow it on a daily basis, to fetch a great score in the test.

SAT test takers (2015)

Gear up for the game day

Around mid-July, it is extremely advisable that you should take a second timed exam and capitalise on your improvements. Note how much of the exam you completed when time expired. Score the exam well but at the same time focus finish the rest of the questions untimed.

Adjust your study calendar and spend less time practising items that have become easy for you now.

Around the end of August, you should consider signing up for SAT tutoring for help with any continuing trouble spots. Even one or two sessions can help open up creative solutions for studying the roadblocks you have been facing till now.You can now continue your practice by taking two sections per week under timed conditions in your remaining high-challenge areas, one per week in mid level areas and one untimed practice session in low-challenge areas. Also make sure you include one entire timed essay section each week, even if the essay poses a low level of difficulty.

During the last two weeks of September, adjust your study calendar to accommodate three timed exams. Just like any activity that requires conditioning for success, SAT prep includes building the stamina that you need to sit for almost four hours of the exam.

The more frequently you experience the similar test-like conditions, the agiler you will be on your actual test day. Mimicking those conditions by taking the test at any location will challenge your concentration and help you refine your focus.

Starting SAT prep now will help you take a deliberate approach and avoid scrambling to prepare during the school year. Get Started, now! Share with us the queries you face while you are preparing for the SAT test.