Want to know about the most rewarding jobs in the United States? Look no further.

While choosing a career, it is important to do a little research and learn about the degrees currently in demand and which offers the best opportunities in terms of career growth and the number of job offerings. Besides all these factors, a high salary doesn’t hurt either. Jobs that fulfill all these criteria tend to cluster in three areas, according to employment site Glassdoor. US News and World Report recently released its 2017 Best Jobs Rankings which gives an insight on the best jobs in the United States based on median salary, employment rate, growth, prospects, stress levels and work-life balance. So here is the list of the 20 best jobs in America:

20. Pharmacist

Average Annual Salary: $119,270

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 3%

A pharmacist is a person who is professionally qualified to prepare and dispense medicinal drugs. They are also known as chemists or druggists in America. Consultant pharmacists advise healthcare facilities or insurance providers on patient medication. Students wanting to pursue this line of study are required to go through rigorous training in order to have a perfect knowledge about dispensing medication.

19. Business Operations Manager

Average Annual Salary: $119,460

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 7%

Business operations manager look after the day-to-day functioning of the organisation, hire new talents, negotiate contracts, manage the operations of the enterprise and take vital decisions. The cities paying the highest salaries are Bridgeport, Connecticut, New York City and Trenton, New Jersey.

18. Sales Manager

Average Annual Salary: $130,400

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 5%

Sales managers make sure that the company’s products reach the hands of the consumers. They are required to establish vital relationships with clients and have a sound knowledge and understanding of the market conditions.

17. Financial manager

Average Annual Salary: $134,330

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 7%

Financial managers play an integral part in their companies since they handle the checkbooks and expenses of their companies. They require being very concentrated and focused and need to be updated with the financial position of the company and manage projects accordingly.

16. Podiatrist

Average Annual Salary: $136,180

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 14%

Podiatrists are specialists in feet and ankles, treating conditions such as ingrown toenails and cracked heels. It’s not an easy job and requires students to attend medical school. They also need to pass the American Podiatric Medical Licensing Exam.

15. Lawyer

Average Annual Salary: $136,260

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 6%

There are a number of fields and specialisations available to a student who wants to pursue law and they may work in a private firm or become a district attorney. However, lawyers are required to commit long hours in the office. Lawyers make the most in and around San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

14. Marketing Manager

Average Annual Salary: $140,660

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 9%

Marketing managers control a lot of operations including strategic planning and design work. The highest paying cities for this job are San Jose, San Francisco,  and New York.

13. Information Technology Manager

Average Annual Salary: $141,000

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 15%

IT managers execute functions such as software and hardware upgrades, protecting the computer networks from hackers and cyber criminals and coordinating technology issues with top executives. Since technology is assuming a major role in almost all the sectors, the demand for IT managers is increasing by folds.

12. Petroleum Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $149,590

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 10%

Petroleum Engineers create new technologies or create new ways of applying the existing technologies in extracting oil. Since the government is always looking for ways of environment-friendly tapping of oil, students may expect to get their studies fully underwritten and even expect a stipend.

11. Nurse Anesthetist

Average Annual Salary: $160,250

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 19%

Nurse anesthetists assist doctors in getting through rigorous and painful procedures by administering anesthesia through drugs and gasses. To become a nurse anesthetist, one must have at least one year of critical-care experience and earn a master’s degree from an accredited nurse anesthetist program.

10. Prosthodontist

Average Annual Salary: $161,020

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 18%

Prosthodontists are different from orthodontists. They work in replacing missing teeth and these replacements can help a person in many ways, be it better appearance or the ability to speak and eat again.

9. Dentist

Average Annual Salary: $172,350

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 18%

Dentists make sure that the patients’ mouth remains healthy, they diagnose oral diseases and treat them accordingly and extract teeth when needed. The highest paid dentists work in Lafayette, Indiana, Brownsville, Texas, and Wausau, Wisconsin.

8. Pediatrician

Average Annual Salary: $183,180

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 10%

Pediatricians work to improve the physical and mental health of children, from infancy to adolescence. This line of study has a wide range of specialties from oncology and hematology to developmental psychiatry.

7. Psychiatrist

Average Annual Salary: $193,680

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 15%

Psychiatrists work to keep the patients’ mental state healthy. They treat diseases such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, split personality disorder and anxiety. They may also write prescriptions when necessary.

6. Physician

Average Annual Salary: $196,520

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 9%

The term “Physician” includes everything from dermatologists to cardiologists to gynecologists – and every nook in between. The highest paid physicians work in Florence, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, and Medford, Oregon.

5. Orthodontist

Average Annual Salary: $221,390

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 18%

Orthodontists bring a beautiful smile on the faces of their patients by fixing crooked teeth and irregular bites. They often do this by using braces, but they may also use other relevant appliances.

4. Obstetrician and Gynecologists

Average Annual Salary: $222,400

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 18%

Obstetricians and Gynecologists work to maintain the reproductive health of women. They also help deliver babies and treat diseases such as HPV and other STDs and abnormal bleeding.

3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Average Annual Salary: $233,900

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 18%

Unlike regular dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons are required to go through an additional four years of surgical training to be able to perform operations such as a face-lift.

2. Surgeon

Average Annual Salary: $247,520

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 20%

Surgeons perform a very critical job of opening up patients’ bodies and fixing injuries or deformities. After attaining a bachelor’s degree and going through medical school, they must enter into a surgical residency program, which takes a minimum of five years.

1. Anesthesiologist

Average Annual Salary: $258,100

Imputed Growth (2014-2024): 21%

Anesthesiologists work in administering the drugs which help doctors in getting through rigorous and painful operations and surgeries without causing any discomfort to the patient. The highest-paid anesthesiologists work in Detroit, Michigan, Wichita, Kansas, and Worcester, Massachusetts.


No matter what you decide to pursue, as they say, hard work is the key to success. We hope you find whatever you are looking for in this article. If you have any queries or know more about the job market in the United States, feel free to share it with everyone in the comments section.