Five reasons why an international student should consider studying in London

Studying abroad is an insightful and wonderful experience. And it’s all the better if a student chooses the right destination. The latest QS Best Student Cities 2017 ranked London as #3. London accommodates some of the best universities in the world. It has over forty higher education institutes. Apart from the traditional degrees, the universities offer some unusual yet interesting majors. So here are five reasons why one should study in London and what all London has to offer:

1.Incredible London, Incredible Diversity

London is home to 45 universities. The universities cover a wide range of degrees, majors, and specialisations. They offer more than 30,000 courses, be it bachelors, masters or doctorate. You have the liberty to choose the degree and major you want to pursue. You get to even choose the university from where you want to pursue your preferred program of study.  Hence, you will be spoilt for choices, which happens in very few other places. More the choices, more you learn about the degrees and specialisations currently in demand in the market. Hence, you are able to make your decision accordingly. There are also some unusual degrees such as a Bachelor of Arts in Puppetry Design and Performance or a degree in Baking Technology Management. They help you learn about the overlooked areas of study and life, where competition is not that rigorous. Hence, you get more options and a certain assurance of work placements.

2.Estimation of the depth of hole in your wallets and compensations

Students wishing to study in London will find that the tuition fees for undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses are, on an average, £12,000. However, depending on the course and the university you choose, you may find the cost of studying to be as low as £8,000 per year. The undergraduate classroom-based courses will require tuition fees of approximately £10,000 to £16,000 per year. The laboratory-based courses will require approximately £12,000 to £26,000 per year. The clinically-based courses will require approximately £30,000 to £37,000 per year. The postgraduate classroom-based courses range from approximately £8,000 to £29,000 per year. The laboratory-based courses will require approximately £11,500 to £35,250 per year. The clinically-based courses will require approximately £11,400 to £39,000 per year. The tuition fees for PhD courses might range from £11,000 to £30,000 per year. The universities in London also provide numerous types of scholarships. Finding the right scholarship would require a lot of patience and research. But the rewards are definitely worth it. There are a wide variety of scholarships. The full scholarships are the most popular among the international students. They are as competitive and tough to get. They would cover your tuition fees and your living expenses.

3.Accommodation and Life in London

Although it depends on one’s budget, there are a plethora of options available to a student. There is no doubt in London being a great city to live in. Besides, the city is home to the world’s second largest Sikh community outside India. It is a great city for an Indian student to explore. As a result, one can have a rich and exciting experience in London. Most universities accommodate their first-year students in their own accommodation. Though, the quality and quantity differ from university to university. They will generally house you in a room in a shared flat with other students. You may also rent a whole flat with your friends or rent one room within a flat. The owner would then allocate a flat mate for you. Besides, there is an option of renting a house to yourself according to your budget. All this being, spending time in London is never tough. You will never run out of things to do. Samuel Johnson famously remarked that if a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. There are the famous big sights such as the Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, etc. You will also be living in a city full of parks, restaurants, big libraries, pubs and bars, clubs and nightclubs, museums and whatnot.

4.Best Served Education in London

London has maintained its reputation of being the most popular destination for international students. It contains over 100,000 students from around 200 different nations. And there is definitely a reason for this being so. It stands to provide quality education. The study and knowledge of the subject matter is in depth. The quality and standard of teaching are regularly assessed and graded by professional bodies. They ensure that the standard and quality of education remain world class. London continues to retain its position as the 5th student-friendly city in the world. Students have the option of even working and gaining experience along with studying.

5.Opportunities of refilling your wallets

After earning the desired graduate or undergraduate degree, students have the option to work in London and UK. They may also come back home and work in India. Back in India, the value of their degrees will be much higher than their Indian counterparts. London has eight universities in the top ten UK universities. They provide the best starting salaries for graduates. The city’s universities have some of the highest graduate employment rates in the UK. Being a global city, it has fantastic and useful links with blue-chip companies in all industries. Regardless of your decision to work in UK or come back home, a degree from London will make your CV more attractive. It will boost up your resume. It will give you an advantage over the others in the work area. Since London is one of the best cities in the world for education, employers worldwide will acknowledge a degree from London. It will open doors for you which might not have been possible without it. It will undoubtedly be a useful investment and the rewards will definitely be worth the sacrifices and compromises made.


New culture, new people, new friends, a highly valuable degree and opportunities knocking at your door. Now, what more would a student wish for? Share your insights with us and let us know what you think about studying in London.