Ready For Your First Day At Business School?

Does your first MBA class begin any time soon?

Or are you on your way to acing a particular business exam?

Be you any of the above, be assured that your fresher MBA experience will always be more than what you expected.

In fact, a MBA program is often a life changing experience for many of its takers, so limitless and impactful is its scope. One can never be fully prepared for his/her first day in B.Schools.

We thereby look into matters that would concern any MBA fresher.

About Grades, and Why One Should Not Worry About Them:


Your MBA course is much more than the hours you will be spending in your classroom.

For your undergraduate days, your GPA and grades might have been of seemingly utmost priority, but the atmosphere radically changes with MBA.

You actually enter professional corporate domains with this course, and your grades don’t really count as much as you think. This is stretched to such depth, that many B.Schools even have a grade non-disclosure policy these days.

The hours you spend outside the classroom can be instrumental to you in building substantial contacts, and also in supplying you with enough subject matter to engage in any interview.

This would be your chance to excel in the extracurricular department, and to make lasting professional relationships.

About Getting Starstruck:


It is natural to get starstruck.

Imagine the first day of class.

You are surrounded by diversity… and intense competition.

Around you, you see young men and women of extraordinary potential, some even giving off an aura of genuine experience.

Don’t let it get to you.

For you were chosen along with them to attend the same class.

Remind yourself this.

Instead, it would be wonderful if you were genuinely interested in your classmates, and transformed your(what it would seem to many as) pressure into a lasting friendship.

Contribute to others’ lives, and open up to all possibilities. By making it a quid pro quo with your classmates, you already herald the beginning of a lasting MBA experience.

About Failing, and Asking Silly Questions:


“There are no silly questions!”

That’s what a lot of people would say.

And they are quite right in doing so.

For in taking risks lie the roots of experience.

Treat your first year like an open canvas. Challenge yourself, and find out where your inner call lies.

As discussed previously, stay open to experiences, attend a variety of corporate presentations, and attend courses in subjects that lie outside your field of study as well.

Since you’ll be investing a lot of time and money into your program, it would only be in your best interests to avail fully of it, and explore all the opportunities that it offers.

So, do not be afraid to take risks.

Do not fail to fail!


Gearing up for your MBA?

How do you think your first day in college will be like?

Share with us below!

Until next time…

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