The pros and cons of pursuing an undergraduate course from Europe.

Studying abroad has always been a dream/fantasy of every student. When it comes to Europe, it can prove to be an embellishing experience, with its enchanting different cultures, countries and experiences. The box doesn’t come with only happiness! Boon and bane just ain’t a term. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of pursuing an undergraduate course from Europe.


Excelling alternatives.

Many universities in Europe comes with customised offers according to your need and preferences, where you have the opportunity to create your own study profile that best defines your career goals. Mix. Match. Create. It also allows you to choose courses that stretch different departments and different universities, marking relevance to your study profile.

Beautiful libraries.

When you’re done with college and course selection in Europe, the amazing libraries are like cherries on the cake. There are beautiful libraries scattered across Europe, to sit and enjoy reading with a cup of coffee amidst the silence and books all around. The library at TU Delft in the Netherlands falls in the list of 10 most beautiful libraries in the world.

Career forecast

An undergraduate degree from Europe university opens the door for more opportunities in future. Companies are more interested in international students/people to join their team and it encourages students to do internships as a part of their studies. Europe universities offer unmatched exposure for better career prospects.


The Schengen Visa lets you visit 26 countries in Europe, that sounds great. Europe universities come with travel tickets with a bunch of experiences. From the grandeur of Eiffel tower to the intricate architecture of the innumerable churches in Europe, there are plenty of places to visit and cherish with your friends.


Language obstruction

Many international students in Europe universities find it difficult to adjust because of the language obstruction. From supermarkets to train station, they all understand the local language, which is a barrier in daily lives for the students. Therefore, local language seems challenging.


The tuition fee in Europe is pretty expensive. It would mean taking huge loans from banks unless students manage to find a suitable scholarship. Along with tuition fees, the cost of living in Europe is equally expensive, from accommodation to grocery shopping, everything.

Accustomed to new culture

Being accustomed to a new culture is not always a con, depends on personal human nature. It’s easy for some people to settle into a new culture naturally, while others find it difficult. Europeans are welcoming and friendly, but nobody would like being interfered in personal matters.

Above mentioned are the pros and cons of pursuing undergraduate in Europe, but your personal experience can only validate each category. What awaits you? If it scares you.. Go For It!