Internships and summer programs in University of Toronto, Canada

It turns out that the University of Toronto is a major hub for the student to gain experience and develop skills through a varied source of opportunities in the form of internships (Yes, paid internships! Even better) and summer training programs. The nature of the program is not only academic but it also touches several aspects of personality development and provides an insight into a fast-paced work environment, it takes up the responsibility to completely prepare a student to cope up in a corporate world, it talks about risk management and the loopholes that freshers fall in when they join a firm. It, basically, takes the responsibility of shaping and controlling a student’s outlook and make them capable enough to plant their feet firmly in their career.


This article will circulate briefly on the various internship and summer programs available for students:


PEY is very similar to co-op programs, the only difference is the tenure, as for PEYs it is roughly 12 to 16 months with a $47000 as the average salary range of interns. This program is optional and can be only applied by students in their second or third year. According to statistics from University of Toronto website, “more than 70% of our students go on an internship through the PEY program. Over 800 students are doing PEY internships every year and each year, approximately 300 companies seek out PEY students as interns, with over 1000 internship opportunities. It takes place all over Canada and is a great way to gain international work experience.”

1.Engineering Summer Internships Program(eSIP):

eSIP is a four-month long internship and perfect for candidates who are looking for a future with the company they have applied for. This internship program is applicable for second and third year engineering students who are keen in developing their industrial skills and interested in attaining the correct mixture of practical and personalized career development.



They will bring you a world of possibilities and opportunities to choose from by conducting workshops as well as individual screening and training to help you gain an insight into the vastness of your skills and contribution to the company or firm in which you wish to associate and work. It will give you a chance to put into practice technical skills you learned in the classroom and improve your transferable skills and prepare students to be competitive for future opportunities, including the Professional Experience Year (PEY) Internship.

Transportation Career Development Program (TCDP):

TCDP is exclusively for students pursuing Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto. It’s a tie up with the government, Ontario Ministry of Transportation; therefore it ensures employment for interns in both large and small scale industries. The duration of this program is for three consecutive summers. TCDP gives you a fair exposure to the high-end machinery and high-tech industries and helps you in several ways to make the right career decision.



According to University of Toronto website, “This exciting civil engineering summer placement opportunity is the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Transportation Central Region and our private sector partners in the Consulting industry and the Contracting industry. This initiative will provide undergraduate civil engineering students with a broad exposure to the planning, design, and construction of roads and bridges. Graduates with this diverse experience should be well positioned for permanent employment within the transportation sector. The intention of the program is for students to rotate between these organizations over the next three summers.”

Summer Research Programs:

This has always been the golden period and a witness to the most successful creations and inventions. Professors who are working on projects often taken up undergraduate engineering students under them and assign them tasks, the students who have little knowledge about the subject approach these projects with a fresh perspective; the result often leading to auspicious and beneficial inventions. According to University of Toronto website, “Our researchers include students on their teams for many reasons, including the intelligence, dedication, and creativity they bring to the project.


Professors engaged in the research report their results in scientific articles they write for prestigious journals — that’s how other scientists know what’s going on. The name of each member of the research team, including the names of students, is listed. Even before you graduate, you can begin to build an impressive resume of accomplishments.”

The programs listed above will help you in more ways that you can imagine, not only in an academic and professional front but also in securing you financially during your college days. By the time the internship ends, you will have gained an experience and qualification by top certified companies and professors, thus making your chances of having a bright future and landing up in any workplace of your wish. I hope this article has helped you unravel your doubts and uncertainty. Cheer up! There is a land full of opportunities waiting for you.


Reference: UToronto