International students are filling up colleges in the United States like a flock of birds under migration. Why?

American colleges and universities are educating more international students than ever before. The Institute of International Education released the Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange which reported this analysis. The United States has educated nearly 1 million international students from countries such as China, Kuwait, India, Japan, etc., from 2014-2015. This has significantly increased up to 10 percent from previous year. In fact, it is now the most popular and desired country for international students. But why do international students prefer the U.S. to other countries for their education? Here are some of the major reasons which influence an international student’s decision in favor of the U.S.:

1.Standard Education, Excellency, and Choices

The United States has one of the world’s best education and university systems. The universities offer courses in almost all the fields of study, be it traditional or professional. They provide quality education and knowledge and best techniques and resources. The U.S. takes pride in holding the best technology and research techniques. It makes available to students all the possible resources. At the undergraduate and graduate level, they give students the opportunity to choose from a wide range of fields and courses. They enable students to work directly with some of the greatest minds in the fields of their study. They also give them the chance to execute exclusive research and provide great educational opportunities. The United States also provides some of the best professional degrees in engineering, management, computer science and communications. Employers all over the world acknowledge U.S. degrees. A degree from U.S. boosts your resume. It puts you in a position of gainful advantage over your counterparts. At the graduate level, students are able to finance their own education by acquiring valuable experience through teaching and/or education. The standard and quality of education and teaching are also regularly assessed by the governmental bodies. Students get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of studies. It also includes unique programs of study such as the Bachelor of Arts in Child Services or the Bachelor of Science in Flight Operations or the Master of Science in Aviation Management. Less competition in these fields gives you a certain benefit of job placement.

2.As flexible as a rubber ban

The programs would need a student to complete a certain coursework of which the requirements must be met. Students get the opportunity to choose from a number of course works to meet requirements. For example, liberal arts courses would require classes in languages and mathematics. But students will be given a wide variety of classes to fit the requirements. They will have the freedom to decide which classes to take and which would match their areas of interest. Some of the universities allow students to design their own majors according to their interests and desired field of study. They also provide students the opportunity of switching to other institutions or changing their major field of study if they have a change of mind. At the graduate level, students are available to tailor their own coursework to meet their desired academic goals and needs. U.S. universities also offer flexible entrance dates. They admit students in Fall, Winter Spring or Summer with suitable and convenient application deadlines. Postgraduate students also have the option of selecting a field of study with or without the thesis.

3.Financial Relief

It’s no secret that the U.S. is a very expensive place to live in and pursue higher education. But that does not tick the international students off. Many U.S. universities provide a variety of scholarships. They might be tough to get and would require a lot of hard work, patience and research. But the fruit would be as sweet. The U.S. government also funds some of the scholarships for one year or more. There are a large number of non-governmental scholarships as well. The Abbey Road Summer Scholarships worth $1000 is provided to students of art and language. The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme is provided to students from developing countries. There are also scholarships provided exclusively to female students, graduate students, Asian students and more.

4.Larger than life experience in the United States

We have all seen the beauty of Texas in movies, the thrill in Madison Square Garden during an ice hockey match in series, the mighty Rockefeller Centre in fashion channels, the liberating lifestyles of Americans and how we wish to get there at least once in a lifetime. Well, international students can make the most of their shot at studying in U.S. And majority of them do make full use of it. Students get to experience a rich culture and interact with other students from other religion and country. They gain once in a lifetime experience. Students can get into clubs and fraternities or sororities as well. Here, one experiences the most vibrant campus life in the world. Many international students claim that studying in U.S. helps them to get out of their comfort zone. They do things which they might have never done before. They become more open minded and socialistic. Their very idea of socialising and living gets changed for good. And if that isn’t convincing enough, think about the things they get to do with their friends on weekends, the places they get to travel about which we dream, the random celebrities they get to meet and click pictures with, the fireworks on 4th of July they get to see, the beauty of countryside and Niagara Falls and whatnot. It’s no longer a wonder why many students dream of studying in the U.S.

5.Shot at making your wallets heavy

Believe it or not, many employers in the UK prefer graduates from America. This is because most of the American colleges and universities are well renowned and reputed all over the world. An understanding of the American culture gives you an advantage in global business. American companies also tend to recruit students at career fairs and so forth. Mind you, the recruitment process there is much more aggressive. Companies will even fight for your services and would require you to start working immediately. Now, this is a dream for Indian students. You could also be immediately snatched up by a blue-chip company and actually live the American dream! Whether you stay and work in the U.S. or decide to come back home, you will be much more valuable than your counterparts to employers for holding an American degree.


Now, who wouldn’t want to live and experience the American dream with added advantages? Yet we advise you to do extensive research and know every other detail before you pack your bags and leave. Share your experience with us and let us know what you think about studying in America.