Wildlife conservation could increase your acceptance rate in colleges abroad

The universities abroad focus on extracurricular activities more than they look into your GPAs. The college admission officers want to understand your personality more than your grades and test scores. And in order to understand, they prefer to see your extracurricular activities.

The most desirable extracurricular activities that an admission officer wants to see in the application are:

1.The Academic Activity

This shows the passion of the student for the particular field the s/he wants to opt for in the college. It reveals that you already live and breathe it on a regular basis. By doing an extracurricular related to your studies, you are showing that you have the real passion for the topic and know what you are getting yourself into.

academic activity for colleges abroad

From the point of view of the Admission Committee: The colleges always wants to take in students who are passionate, hardworking, and who have the ability to innovate in that particular field in the future. Let’s say if you want to get a degree in journalism, you could be working for your school newspaper. A future medical student may have volunteered at the local hospital.

2. The Community Service Activity

This refers to the activities that a student does with the people or for a cause of the community/society. The colleges want to educate and shape the leaders of tomorrow. So the colleges want to see students who are taking initiatives to be leaders through their extracurricular activities. This quality in a student can be proved if you lead a group or activity being in charge of a project or by motivating or directing other students.

Helping children can increase your acceptance rate in colleges abroadFrom the point of view of the College Administration: The colleges also seeks for students who wants to change the society for better and shows that initiation, dedication, perseverance and  wants to take a charge when there is an issue in the society/community. These traits are always liked by the college administration. These traits help a student in developing critical thinking and problem-solving nature. This ranges from volunteering abroad in an orphanage to tutoring students after school to working in wildlife conservation.

3. The Personality Activity

This refers to the activity that showcases the secret passion that a student has, it shows some special attributes of the student. As mentioned before the colleges do really look forward to students who have the ability to change the world someday. So try to select activities which show that you are the person who takes something and leaves it better than you found it.

From the point of view of the College Administration: The colleges always encourage those students who have special characteristics and help them in developing and nurturing their passion. The colleges do really want academic superstars, and if someone is an academic superstar with some special skills, they prefer those candidates first. Let’s say an aspiring astronomy major may have a passion for working backstage in theater productions. The English major might love building robots. The math major might love to cook.

These three types of activities are always the first preference for a college, that it would seek from a student. If the student has any of these activities in their application with a good knowledge about the activity in practical life, colleges don’t reject them.

But keep in mind that any combination of activities is just as valid – as long as you remember to be committed and have leadership qualities. Share your views on what other extracurricular activities could increase your acceptance rate in colleges abroad.