Scared of GRE AWA ? Know how to stay calm and score well

The AWA or the Analytical Writing Assessment has two tasks which are tested- Issue and Argument tasks. Both the tasks have to be completed within 30 minutes respectively. Both the tasks are totally different from one another. Where the argument essay requires you to investigate the topic, on the other hand, the issue essay would require you to forward your opinion regarding the topic. Let’s discuss what exactly these tasks want from us.

The AWA Argument Essay

As mentioned earlier, the AWA Argument essay, asks the candidate to investigate the topic. It requires you to basically evaluate the topic by using evidence. You needn’t have an opinion on the topic, you just need to investigate and evaluate the same. You need to think like a lawyer when it comes to the Argument Essay task. In the argument essay, you are supposed to spot the foible and give the reason why the essay is weakened because of this foible. Figure out the foibles and you are on the way to do well in the task. The AWA Argument Essay.

The AWA Issue Essay

This is more of like a general essay. You are assigned a prompt, to which you need to put forward your opinion. Your opinion needs to be either in favour of the prompt or against the prompt provided, and then we can discuss it accordingly. You should be sure, that your point of view is clear to the reading your essay. Make sure that you have good examples to prove your point. Giving multiple examples will help you score better. In the AWA Issue Essay task, you need to think like an examiner.

AWA Score

The AWA score is scored between 0-6. To get a 6 in the AWA is very difficult. Colleges/ universities usually don’t expect you to get a 6 in AWA. Most of the candidates manage to get a 4 or 5. Yes, that’s what is expected in most of the colleges/universities. A 4 in the AWA  section is considered a perfect score for many of them. So, practice well and score a well in the AWA section of GRE.

You should completely know the format of how to go about the AWA Issue and Argument tasks. Because it does look like a normal essay but it is not. Learn the tricks and ways to write both the AWA tasks perfectly and manage to get a 4 in this section. Relax and read the topics and the prompts properly before you start writing the tasks. Make sure that you have the right examples to back your point. Share your views on what ways one should follow to increase your score in GRE AWA.