At-hand strategies to gear up for the big GMAT day

There are a lot of things a student realises during the actual course of preparation of GMAT. But by that time you have already lost quite some of your precious time. And that’s the precise reason we thought of writing this, so as to keep you all from making the same mistakes. Let’s see what are the easiest at-hand strategies that you can start practising for GMAT right away.

Performance Chart for the “GMAT” day

It can do wonders to your preparation.

It’s a simple grid having columns for the – question number, – your answer, -right/wrong, – a brief description of the concept used (e.g. idioms, modifier, parallelism).

We would suggest you, to make an excel sheet and get about 50 print-outs with 100 questions per page. A section-wise categorization for GMAT is always better. Generally, you would do 50 questions per session. So at the end of 50 questions, you can have an accuracy meter.

This chart will help you filter out the tougher problems. So in the next round of solving the same problems. Yes! Next round. You have to solve the same questions again till your accuracy level goes up. You have to make sure that you are totally confident in the question types you have in your material.

Take the GMAT test date

Yes! Take it. You have to. Without a test date, you will never actually start respecting the entire thing. It will keep you focused and up on your toes. Register yourself on the GMAT site. Get a date. Make a big calendar for yourself and stick it before your study table. And yes! Highlight the test date with a horrible colour. Also, put up stick-on all around your place.  It’s not getting psyched about it but it really really helps.

GMAT Books

This is extremely important. Surely you wouldn’t want your preparation to be going on a wrong track. Some books aren’t just complete in their content. Some do not give you those extra “tips” which anyone aiming at a good GMAT score needs to have. So it finally boils down to having a set of materials rather than having just one book or one study material. But the question is which ones?

  1. Official Guide is a must have.
  2. But you will realise it isn’t enough to satiate your thirst for the “750” figure.
  3. Kaplan Guide.
  4. CR & RC, which you will not find anywhere else. It is a book which is indispensable.
  5. But Hey! What if you are aiming higher than 750?
  6. So here’s the trick. Get yourself KAPLAN 800 and Manhattan Sentence Correction guide. These are great books. They will surely add an extra 30 to your GMAT score, and that’s a lot!

So, calendars, books and a performance chat make your way to grab the magic wand to score an excellent number in your GMAT exam. Share with us, the problems you face while preparing for the Big GMAT Day.