How a degree in computer science can help you land up in Google?

Pursuing computer science is one of the degrees, which the youth is going crazy for. There are varied reasons as to why it is the latest buzz among students. One of them is that it can make you land your dream job in Google, United States.

By pursuing computer science, you can be a coding administrator or you can find yourself in a department of technicals who support Google in terms of computer codes or providing backup support. There are basically two qualities which a student should have in order to see himself/herself in Google.

  • Firstly, you should be well accustomed to the fundamentals of Computer Science including algorithm designs.
  • Secondly, you should be able to code so that you can provide a solution to a problem within a short span of time.

A very easy way to be a part of Google is that many times they hire freshers on the basis of their marks and achievements. In order to have an edge over others, you can come up with an impressive idea that can fix an existing computer problem. Google conducts “Google Summer of Code” wherein you can submit your solution which can lead to prospective chances of getting selected. Google is also well known to hire start-ups so that they can have fresh talent. Being a computer science graduate, you can create your own project which may achieve their attention, leading your entrance in Google.

Google is famous for its quality of innovation and specialisation. It searches for people who are active in problem solving, comes up with new ideas and projects, innovative system designs and development and of course with good communication skills. If you are a knowledge freak and coding is one of your hobbies then surely Google US is the place for you! They always look for people who are passionate about their work. So, if you think passion is what drives you in your profession, you are one of the most sought after personnel in Google.

Having a degree in computer science is in itself a tough job but if you possess requisite skill, things will be easier for you to land up in Google US. I hope the above-stated information will be of some help to you and would provide a clearer perspective as for how you can proceed in your near future. Best of luck!