Cracking the SAT made easy

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a big step after your high school. This test examines the knowledge that you have accumulated in the past years of your school life. With the right approach (coupled with hard work), it is easy to get a high score and the following  will help you develop the same:

1. Build up on your vocabulary

The sentence correction section tests the vocabulary of the candidate. Great vocabulary fetches you good scores. Reading a novel, going through some educative magazine will help you increase your verbal ability.

2. Practice math: don’t let it trick on the exam day

Practice SAT MathematicsThe SAT examination Mathematics might be easier comparative to the other entrances, but leave it for the end moments and you will suffer. Go through all the topics one by one, memorize the formulas in the interest of time. You don’t want to spend time working out all the steps when all you need is a simple formula to solve the question.

3. Create and maintain a ‘Status Board’

Give a diagnostic test to know your strengths and weaknesses. On the basis of the same, note down all the concepts tested in SAT, and assign a color to it. If you were not able to solve the question, mark the concept as red, and if you were successful, mark it as orange.

For the red concepts, go through the theory along with example questions, and when you are convinced with the same, change the color to orange. For the concepts marked orange, solve around 10 questions each every day. The day you get all 10 correct, change the color to green. Once all the concepts are coded green, take mock tests covering the entire test. Since your daily regime would have taken care of your answer accuracy by then, primarily focus on your speed.

4. Keep an eye on the grammar for writing

Keep an eye on the grammar for SAT

Your grammar skills are tested in the writing section. You need to keep in mind that grading system also depends on the way you are writing the essay. Along with the grammar, you also need to prepare a well-structured essay. These things will help you fetch a good score in the writing section.

5. Smart-read the passages

Be smart! Read the passages in such a manner that you get an idea of the entire content at once. Don’t waste time reading it more than once. As the case with all, practice the reading comprehension section a lot so that you can solve the passages in a comparatively less period of time.

Study smart so that you don’t have hell lot of things piled up for the end days before the exam. Practice a lot of papers, mug up formulas, brush up your vocabulary and invest the right amount of time for each section of SAT. If you have other strategies that could help one to score high in SAT then do comment your views below.