Community Colleges: The road less taken

“Choices”, get used to this word. You will have a lot of them and you can just permutate a few. Some choices are left uninformed and some are just a thing of time. And community colleges are one such choice. A choice left untold, a choice that you can lead your destination upon, a path that is less traveled.

Putting on simple words community colleges, in general, refers to a two-year public institution of higher education. They are the stepping stones for entrance to a university to complete a bachelor’s degree. And being an international student at these colleges makes you exclusive apart from the herd not just in terms of knowledge and money but also by option. This article is for you, browsing through the options, the requirements and for you to thank us later for letting you know this.

Why Community colleges?

1. Increase your earning power – An analysis of the data by Salary Surfer shows that students who complete an associate degree doubles their annual pre-degree earnings after two years in the workforce and nearly triple their pre-degree earnings after five years in the workforce.

Increase your earnings by going to community colleges

2. The cost of tuition – One of an obvious reason for students to attend community colleges is for the financial advantage. Many junior colleges cost less than two thousand dollars each semester to attend full time. And by a major chance community colleges increase your chance for a top placed four-year university if you plan on transferring.

Cost of tuition is less in community colleges

3. Easy scheduling – Schedules for bachelor’s program at community colleges often cater to working students. A mix of night classes and online courses allow students to complete their degree while working full time.

Easy scheduling of your classes in community college

Requirements for Community colleges

Generally, community colleges are open enrollment, which means that any high school graduate is eligible to attend. Some programs have separate application and specific admission requirements such as SAT.

Fighting myths with truth

Community college students are for “grown-ups“ – While in general it’s taken community students return to gain additional training or switch careers making the place filled with white-haired fellows. But in real the average age of a student at community colleges is around mid-twenties and just with a little fraction above 40. And sometimes you might even see people younger than you.

Being low cost , the education is unworthy – Almost the courses are identical and often community college faculty members also hold teaching positions at another four-year college.

Community colleges can increase your salary, has low-cost tuition fees and you get the liberty to schedule your classes. Share your views on why you would opt for a degree from a community college.