Check this out before applying to colleges abroad

Once you have decided your interest area and the country from where you want to pursue your undergrad/masters, you need to keep certain things in mind. Even small insignificant actions can force the authorities to send you on a flight back to your own country. So, keep these few factors in mind before you start applying to colleges abroad:

1. Probability of selection

Choose to apply in universities where your probability of getting on board is relatively higher. Applying to any university you wish to wouldn’t be a good idea at all. Shortlist the colleges well and apply for the one’s which might click.


2. Everything boils down to money

Look for colleges that offer scholarships and funding of tuition fees or universities that provide on-campus jobs. It’s a plus point if you have earlier worked with non-profit organisations; so if you have prior experience in the same, do note it down.


3. Keep in mind the topography

Yes! See to the weather that you have to deal with, but also the cost of living (as it varies from place to place). If you are moving to a country where the temperature might go down to -50°C, whereas you deal with only 15°C in your country, then probably you are taking a wrong decision.


4. Check the campus Life

When you sign up for a bachelor’s degree in any college, you are expected to be a part of that community. This means participation in community service, joining groups and bringing your own creativity to the table. Consider those universities which provide multiplicity and robustness in campus life.

Campus life while studying abroad

5. Only go for acclaimed colleges

An accredited university ensures quality education and global exposure. If you are thinking of applying to the shady ones out there, existing only to charm you with the ‘destination’ experience, BEWARE. There have been a number of instances in the past where the authorities have cracked down on these universities and the students have been left stranded. You do not want to be in that unfortunate bunch.

Go for acclaimed colleges abroad

After careful consideration of these points, make a list of 10-15 colleges that match all the factors and then move on to the next step, which is APPLICATION! Applying to college is expensive ($150 – $250); so don’t indulge in prodigal expenditure for applying to colleges. Share your views on what other points you think should be kept in mind while applying to colleges and universities abroad.