Should one aim for an Ivy League college these days ?

College admissions at the most elite schools are competitive than ever. Ivy colleges are among the most prestigious colleges and are ranked among the best universities worldwide. Ivy has always been a dream of many.  According to the stats, for the class of 2015 Harvard had a 6.3% undergraduate acceptance rate, Yale 7.4%, Princeton 8.5%, Columbia 6.9%.

But Why Ivy?

One reason that makes Ivy colleges stand out of the crowd is its name and recognition. A degree from an Ivy college open doors for future because of the name having great international reputations. It provides you with the opportunity to build successful networks and influential alumni.

A student should look and analyse certain criteria before he decides if Ivy is the right college for him/her

1) The student body operating in the university. Its rights, power and size.
2) Look into all other Liberal arts college or research university that offers the course you are looking for and analyse the pros and cons.
3) Strength, reputation and international standings of the major you’re interested in.
4) How “Fit” you feel of the entire idea and reality of it i.e., how is the campus life, how the students are, how the program is laid out, how are the classroom teachings, how are the credit systems.

So, if you’re an ivy hopeful, what do you need in order to make sure you’re in that top percent that gets selected?
The number one item, these colleges look at on your application: Your Grades. There’s no getting around it, grades are the most important determinant of college acceptance anywhere.

But why are grades so important to these colleges?

Why can’t you slack off in class, then make great scores on your SAT exam or AP exams in order to prove that you’re just as smart as that straight A grade student? That is because Ivy League schools aren’t just interested in kids who are smart. They want kids who are smart AND hard working, kids who are willing to jump through hoops and bend over backwards in order to be successful. You have to remember that the goal of these schools is to turn out as many successful alumni as possible, because the more U.S. Presidents, Oscar winners, Nobel laureates, and Fortune 500 CEOs they turn out, the more publicity they get,  the more kids in the future will apply to their school, the more selective they can be, and round and round it goes. Being able to successfully play the GPA game is an indicator to them that you might be able to play all the various games that can lead to fame, riches, and prestige. And to do that, it’s not enough to just be smart. You have to work hard every day, turn in all your homework, participate in class, and study for every test.

Ivy is your choice

So, if you are aiming for an Ivy; an Ivy leagues are the only colleges you want to pursue your degree from, then make sure you do the following correctly:

Hope this make you better ready for the game ahead and pushes you to choose the best for yourself! Share your views on why one should choose an Ivy over any other college.